What We Offer

Industry Focus and Expertise

We are the first and only workplace misconduct, theft, and fraud reporting platform developed exclusively for the hospitality industry. We know your business and have investigated thousands of allegations relating to every function in hotels, restaurants, and bars.

An Anonymous Platform

Employees are often deterred from reporting their concerns directly to supervisors or company representatives because they fear retaliation. We address this concern by offering a simple, confidential, anonymous reporting site, as an independent third-party.

Technology-Driven Communication Methods

Rather than an outdated "hotline" concept, we provide a platform that is aligned with how people communicate today: Mobile. Web. Email. Text.

Meaningful and Industry-Specific Analytics

We offer analytics designed to capture a variety of key metrics to help you measure the impact of your misconduct and fraud prevention, detection, and resolution efforts.

Additional Custom Services

We can help you develop, implement, and track business ethics and conduct training programs, policies, and procedures. As industry and compliance experts who have reviewed and investigated thousands of allegations related to fraud, embezzlement, conflicts of interest, kickbacks, bribery and records falsification, we also offer professional assistance with responding to reports, either at your business or off-site.

MyEthicsSuite - A Simple Solution

Your employee anonymously reports suspicious activity to you through one of our sites

Setp 1

You review the employee's report from any device in your personal MyEthicsSuite platform

Step 2

You document the steps you take to investigate and resolve the issue in MyEthicsSuite

Step 3

Your reports and results remain secure in an easy, auditable, and defensible format

Step 4

What’s At Stake


Average loss for 4 out of 5 small businesses that are victims of embezzlement


Calls made to the EEOC toll-free number in 2017


Percentage of revenues lost to fraud by the typical organization

#1 Most common method for fraud detection: employee tipoffs


Our disciplined and technology-driven approach reduces overhead and allows us to provide this platform at affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes.


  • $699 and up
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • Unlimited number of users per subscription
  • 24/7 access to MyEthicsSuite
  • Customization options for MyEthicsSuite
  • Free Key Issues alerts and newsletters
  • *Prices based on number of employees
  • *Monthly payments available
  • *Setup fees may apply
  • Order Now
  • Custom pricing
  • Investigations Assistance
  • Staff Training
  • Code of Conduct and Policy Development
  • Social Media Monitoring

Experts Agree

2016 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse

Association of Fraud Examiners

  • The typical organization loses 5% of annual revenues to fraud
  • Employee tipoffs continue to be the most common method for fraud detection

2017 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

Warren Buffett

  • A hotline is Mr. Buffett's best source of information
  • There is no better system for uncovering misconduct than hotlines and anonymous letters

National Business Ethics Survey™


  • More than one in five workers who reported misconduct said they suffered retribution as a result
  • Members of management are responsible for six of every ten instances of misconduct

Four Whistleblower Hotline Best Practices

Compliance & Ethics Professional

  • Companies instill confidence in their employees by demonstrating a commitment to an ethical workplace
  • A third-party operated reporting method provides employees with the reassurance that their anonymity is safeguarded and is inherently objective

Meet The Founders

Juliette Gust

Juliette Gust, CFE

Juliette has personally led over 1,300 investigations spanning 74 countries, and advised on close to 10,000 whistleblower reports. Juliette is a former PwC Regulatory, Forensics and Hospitality & Leisure Advisory Services manager, and later developed and served as the Director of the Global Fraud & Investigations team and Project Manager of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Program for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Juliette also spent 15 years in industry operations from line positions to operations manager and general manager in high-volume hotels, casino hotels, convention centers and restaurants in top U.S. tourism destinations.
Tricia Fratto

Tricia Fratto

Executive Vice President/General Counsel
Tricia has more than a decade of legal experience focused on internal and government-facing investigations. Also a former Starwood Director, Tricia supervised the Legal-Compliance global investigations, designed and implemented investigations protocols and policies, developed and conducted trainings, and advised on remediation plans. Prior to joining Starwood, Tricia practiced law at two of the world's largest law firms as a white-collar litigator, advising a broad range of clients on their legal obligations. Tricia also draws from her experience prior to becoming a lawyer as an IBM Database Manager and Catering Sales Manager.

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