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Workplace misconduct and unethical behavior is on the rise. Luckily, so is corporate encouragement of internal misconduct reporting and whistleblowing. The problem is that when companies lack an incident reporting system with multiple reporting options, including an anonymous one, their employees are hesitant to report this activity for fear of retaliation. Safeguarding your business starts by listening to your employees. An incident reporting system offers employees a safe space to report costly issues that can tarnish your brand.


The average loss for 4 out of 5 small businesses due to embezzlement


of all occupational fraud detections are a direct result of whistleblowing


of annual revenue is lost to fraud by the typical organization

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Our incident reporting system gives your company the opportunity to create clear and trusted communication lines between management and employees. This technology-focused platform enables employees to report misconduct, even anonymously, without fear of retaliation while management can access every report, post follow-up questions, and upload corresponding documents through the MyEthicsSuite dashboard.

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