Conflict of Interest

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Conflict of Interest disclosure solution

With Ethics Suite’s COI tool, your employees will understand what is expected of them under your policies and help them identify potential conflicts of interest before it becomes a problem. COI includes your policies to enhance understanding around the risks associated with bribery, corruption, data breaches, insider trading and other conflicts that could expose you to severe penalties. 

Our intuitive tool enables employees to understand and identify potential conflicts and also provides a platform for disclosure for your organization to resolve or take swift action in response to potential conflicts. Whether it be a gift, a side gig, investment, participating on another organization’s board, it is critical that employees and your organization work together to prevent a negative outcome. 

Our COI solution is cost effective, easy to implement, automates the entire conflict management process from start to finish, and is easy to administer while allowing you to measure and track your responses.

How does it work?

You decide how often to push notification out for employees to disclose any potential conflictsThe system will send an automated note out with clear instructions and expectations around completion datesYou set the reminders time period up front and Ethics Suite COI does the rest.

When a potential COI arises, you will be notified and can login and take the necessary actions. You manage and document the exceptions through the system and any necessary remediation.