Policy Management

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Whether it be ensuring that your employees complete their annual certification of your Code of Conduct or confirming acknowledgments of other critical policies and procedures, Ethics Suite PM helps make these daunting tasks feel easy. We help you automate the process of distributing, assigning, and ensuring task completion to make it easy on you and your team, while meeting the necessary standards of documenting compliance with core policies and procedures.

Services Include:

  • The ability to create custom groups for automated email distribution of relevant policies and procedures or training certifications.
  • Automated reminders sent to employees who don’t get it done the first time.
  • Reporting on completion rates, specific users, and other reporting tools.
  • Attestations are tracked and documented in the system, including the employees’ response details.
  • Interface with MyEthicsSuite to manage and document any remediation involving policy and procedure certification.
  • Connect with the Conflict of Interest disclosure & remediation portal directly through this system.
  • Ability to set reminders for periodic review of policies and procedures.
  • One platform with our MyEthicsSuite case management system so if an issue arises, you may seamlessly create a new case.
  • Quick and easy implementation process.
  • For subscribers to our other tools, one interface, one login, no going back and forth between multiple systems.
  • Simple licensing, including the ability to add as many users as you wish for no additional fee.