Ethics Suite conducts live training sessions on diverse topics. We recommend the annual Code of Business Conduct and Ethics training and shorter topics throughout the year. Our trainings utilize your policies and procedures as the foundation to ensure alignment with your organization’s values and mission.

Ensuring that employees understand and adhere to your organization’s ethical standard is the baseline for an effective ethics and compliance program and core training is key. Below are a few examples of training topics we recommend. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to determine the cadence and content of your courses throughout the year. Here is a sample breakdown of how we structure training sessions:

Each training session is engaging, interactive, and tailored to your organization’s culture and policies. We incorporate real-life examples, case studies, group discussions, role-playing, and Q&A sessions to enhance understanding and retention

It is important to space out these training sessions to allow employees to absorb and apply the information effectively. After each session, we recommend providing resources for further reading and ongoing support to reinforce the concepts covered.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Overview

Duration: 1-2 hours

Purpose: Introduce employees to the organization’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the importance of maintaining a strong ethical culture.


  • 01. Definition of organizational ethics and its significance in the workplace

  • 02. Introduction to the organization's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

  • 03. Core values and principles guiding ethical behavior

  • 04. Real-life examples of ethical dilemmas and resolutions

  • 05. Consequences of unethical behavior and benefits of ethical conduct

  • 06. Open discussion and Q&A

Conflict of Interest

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes

Purpose: Educate employees about recognizing and managing situations where personal interests appear to or conflict with the organization’s interests.


  • 01. Definition and types of conflicts of interest

  • 02. Identifying potential conflicts in various scenarios

  • 03. Procedures for disclosing conflicts and seeking guidance

  • 04. Conflict mitigation strategies

  • 05. Case studies and group discussions

  • 06. Q&A session

Workplace Harassment

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes

Purpose: Create awareness around workplace harassment, prevention, and how to address it.


  • 01. Definition and types of workplace harassment (e.g., sexual, verbal, psychological)

  • 02. Creating a respectful and inclusive workplace

  • 03. Recognizing signs of harassment and inappropriate behavior

  • 04. Reporting mechanisms and confidential channels

  • 05. Role-playing exercises to develop understanding and appropriate responses

  • 06. Handling complaints and investigations

  • 07. Q&A and group discussions

Gifts & Hospitalities

Duration: 30 minutes

Purpose: Teach employees about ethical considerations related to giving and receiving third-party gifts and hospitalities.


  • 01. Defining acceptable gifts and hospitalities

  • 02. Identifying potential pitfalls and conflicts

  • 03. Established guidelines for giving and receiving

  • 04. Requesting authorization and reporting gifts or hospitalities from third-parties

  • 05. Case scenarios analyzing ethical dilemmas

  • 06. Q&A and interactive exercises

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Duration: 1 hour

Purpose: Educate employees on the organization’s commitment to ethical conduct and dedication to complying with all applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations.


  • 01. Understanding bribery, corruption, and the consequences for the organization and employees

  • 02. Compliance with anti-bribery laws and regulations

  • 03. Identifying red flags and high-risk situations

  • 04. Reporting mechanisms for bribery and corruption concerns

  • 05. Role of employees in preventing bribery and corruption

  • 06. Case studies and discussions

  • 07. Q&A session