Violent Incident Tracking And Logging

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Most California businesses will be required to comply with the new SB 553 workplace violence standards by July 1, 2024. Ethics Suite developed VITAL™ – Violent Incident Tracking and Logging – to help you meet your obligations.

As REQUIRED by SB 553, VITAL enables you to:

  • Offer workplace violence incident reporting to your employees, including an anonymous reporting option to ensure that employees can report to you without fear of reprisal.
  • Maintain and update your violent incident log, including a completely auditable reporting function that allows you to produce documentation to a regulator if requested. Through the reporting function you can redact PII, as required by SB 553.
  • Track and maintain mandated records of workplace violence incident investigations, including incident identification, evaluation, and correction.
  • Track and preserve your SB 553 employee training certifications throughout the retention period required by SB 553. Our auditable reporting function also allows you to provide needed documentation on the spot.