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Fully Customizable Anonymous Incident Reporting

Ethics Suite is designed by compliance professionals for compliance professionals. We offer a smarter, more modern approach to addressing workplace misconduct, theft, and fraud. Our whistleblower reporting platform can be accessed from anywhere and offers an anonymous reporting option. When your employees are empowered to speak up, you can stay one step ahead of costly issues that can tarnish your brand and reputation.

The Ethics Suite Solution

Our technology-focused, employee incident reporting platform, provides a simple, safe, and secure communication channel between you and your employees.

Find out how it

Your employee reports concerns using the online anonymous reporting hotline system. Once the report is submitted, it is assigned a unique pin and you are notified by email.

The report is added to your MyEthicsSuite platform. Here you can review and manage all employee reports, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

As you work on the case, you can post follow-up questions, even if the reporter wishes to remain anonymous, upload corresponding documents, and notate the steps taken. Your reports and any actions taken remain secure in an easy, auditable, and defensible format.

Once the investigation is concluded and you decide on any internal actions to be taken, you can mark the matter as resolved and the report remains in your MyEthicsSuite should you need to access it on a later date.

What Sets Us Apart

In addition to being smart, simple, and secure, our employee incident reporting platform was developed by two compliance professionals with extensive compliance and investigations experience.


Your MyEthicsSuite dashboard is tailored to meet your specific needs. That way, you only pay for the services you need.


Making an online report is simple and the intuitive MyEthicsSuite dashboard offers one spot to manage all reports.

Technology Driven

Manage and respond to reports on your time. Anywhere. You just need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.

Quick Setup

To get set up, we just need your business and main user contact information, and your desired customization options.


The reporting system is co-branded to ensure your employees know they are reporting through a trusted third-party.