Empowering Compliance Champions: Creating Ethical Advocates and Unlocking Multifaceted Benefits

The Compliance Champions concept has several different benefits: it allows a small compliance department to leverage resources and to expand the compliance footprint and it fosters a workforce that is more engaged and committed to compliance. One key goal of Compliance Champion program is to train employees to be your first line of compliance people on the ground, both to respond to routine queries and to alert the Legal/Compliance Department if a problem needs to be escalated.

There are Incentives to Promote Compliant Behavior. Finally, the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice updated how it will evaluate whether a company has effective incentives to promote compliant behavior. Prosecutors’ evaluations here will consider, among other things, whether the company has made compliance a means of career advancement, offered opportunities for management to serve as a compliance “champion”, or made compliance a significant metric for management bonuses.