History of Ethics Suite

Ethics Suite was created because there is a better way to manage misconduct reporting between employer and employee. With nearly three decades of experience investigating whistleblower and misconduct-related investigations, Juliette Gust and Tricia Fratto developed the first incident reporting system developed to be fully customizable for every industry.

When a company offers an incident reporting system, it empowers employees to report fraud, theft, embezzlement, and unethical behavior without fearing retaliation. Since inception, Ethics Suite helps businesses across dozens of industries form a trusted line of communication between management and their employees.

Ethics Suites' goal is to provide companies with the tools and know-how to take charge of their organization's commitment to an ethical business environment. Using the Ethics Suite incident reporting system, businesses monitor workplace behavior and make changes before issues become costly or public. When you protect your employees and put your business first, your company flourishes.

Why Ethics Suite Was Created

Corporate encouragement of reporting suspected wrongdoing is increasing, but concerns around preserving anonymity and data security continue to present major roadblocks in the implementation of effective incident reporting systems.

One in five workers who report misconduct say they suffered retaliation as a result. The prevention, identification, and correction of unethical behavior becomes much more difficult without employee empowerment and access to confidential reporting.

This is the very issue Ethics Suite’s founders sought to remedy.

  • The Desire To Report

    Employees want to report workplace misconduct. In 2018, there were 554,000 calls made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

  • Insider Access

    Every 6 out of 10 instances of misconduct are committed by a member of management. Employees have the inside knowledge to flag suspicious activity.

  • Bridging The Gap

    By giving employees the opportunity to report unethical behavior in a safe and secure manner, Ethics Suite builds a line of trusted communication.

Meet the Founders

Juliette Gust, CFE , President

Juliette has led more than 2,000 investigations spanning 75 countries and advised on nearly 10,000 whistleblower reports. She is a former director of global fraud investigations, and project manager of an anti-corruption compliance program, for a Fortune 500 company. She also served as a PwC regulatory, senior manager and subject matter expert for the Forensics, Hospitality, and Regulatory advisory practices. Since 2007, Juliette has been a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Tricia Fratto, General Counsel

Tricia has nearly 20 years of legal experience focused on internal and government-facing investigations. As a former director at Starwood, Tricia supervised the Legal-Compliance led global investigations, designed and implemented protocols and policies, developed and conducted training programs, and advised on remediation plans. Tricia also practiced at two of the world’s largest law firms as a white-collar litigator, advising a broad range of clients on fulfilling their legal obligations.

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Ethics Suite provides a simple and safe channel between you and your employees. If you are ready to put your employees and business first, our reporting system is the first step.

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